Welcome to AeroGroup Consulting
The Aero Group offers practical and competent support for the introduction, implementation and continuous improvement of quality systems. Our main competence is the aerospace industry.

Through our many years of experience in this special segment and through our various points of view from a business perspective, consultant and lecturer view but also from our activities as a recognized aerospace auditors, we have a wide range of knowledge.

We offer within our team of experts support the following standards:
ISO 9001
EN 9100
EN 9110
EN 9120
ISO 14001
ISO/ TS 16949
ISO 50001
The expert team of Aero Group is composed of the most varied disciplines of business. However, all are practically operating manager of industry who have a wealth of experience and an extensive management knowledge.

In the fields of quality management in accordance with the aerospace standards, the air law and aviation approval our employees are worldwide recognized experts.

For the implementation of a quality management system, preparation of the necessary documentation and carry out the necessary staff qualifications in your company, we are happy to be your competent partner to accompany you through to a successful certification and of course also gladly beyond.


internationally established management systems for quality, environment, safety


reliably audit and prepare system and process certification


efficiency of all processes in the value chain


customer orientation, customer satisfaction and market position continuously develop your staff’s.


TOP 1:
Changes in the DIN ISO 9001: 2015
We may assist you with timely and reliable information on the changeover to the new version. Our experts will familiarize themselves with the upcoming changes and challenges.
In workshops, we work together with you from the company-specific changes and their impact on your organization.

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Management systems focus on market and customer satisfaction.
Aero Group provides comprehensive assistance to develop the market and customer satisfaction:
1. Establishing and continuous improvement of your quality management systems

2. Internal audits and supplier audits

3. Product examination at the manufacturer / supplier

4. Material Testing
 parts examination according to customer specifications
 on site process control

5. Project management
 Project planning / coordination and efficient conversation of the project enterprises
 Reviews / Reports / Presentation

6. Outsourcing
 Outsourcing of processes and products
 implementation of production lines
 Providing of the production documents
 Release of products and processes

Projects / References (excerpt) Reference projects:


Outsourcing project (3 years ) from Germany to Istanbul / Turkey

Introduction Quality Management System to ISO 9001 at the Institute of Propulsion Technology of the German Aerospace Center (DLR) and the harmonization of 3 systems into a unified QMS with conclusively successful external certification.

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